365 Days

5:45:00 PM

today is 365/365. The last day of 2015. I've learned more on 2015, like doing a illegal thing legally on sweet 18 hahah choy weh. Tak sangka pejam celik dah nak masuk 2016. Cepat sangat masa berlalu, rasanya mcm baru last week sambut 18th's birthday. Esok sambut 19th. I'm going to turn into 19 starting tomorrow fuuhhhh. 

well 2015, teached me more about pain and stand up again on your feet. Yes I never admit that 2015 tahun paling sakit dalam hidup. I mean, the pain the complicated, the heart breaking, the stressful day with assignment. Yes weh. Every single day I went through all of that.
And I hope 2016, give me new life. A life that I would be a strong and independent woman as fuck haha. No one can let me down especially fucked boy, insha Allah :)
So enjoy your new year eve tonight with parties and fireworks hehe. 
Happy New Year and Welcome 2016!!

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