12:49:00 AM

You're 20 going to be 21 and you don't even take your relationship in serious matter. What a waste of 2 years. Macam mana nak kahwin? I'm felt sorry for you. I was there, I love you and I always come back for you. But you didn't take me seriously. Left me hanging on the phone, and you can be like "rasa biasa" when you didn't ask my daily, my health tak contact. "Tak ws je pun" what were you doing if you're not texting me tak contact, then what are you doing? Other than your private problem. Hanging out, Wechat. okay friends are important, but am I important too? or I'm just your girl that you'll find me when you felt loneliness or missing me? that's not fair. 

Fuck you.
Sebab kau tak pernah serik. Sebab I always come back because I love you. Itu sebab kau tak serik bila hilang aku. I'll make you serik this time. 
Why can't you just fucking see that I always love you and come back? But you always take the chances of letting me go. You let me go so easily bastard.
I'll make you serik. I will.

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