10:08:00 PM

I was wondering if you're missing me or not. Because I do.

Went to dataran merdeka last night. Banyak sangat mat mat motor and it remind me of you and it hurt so much. God i wish I never bump into you. Lucky I'm not, cause for sure boleh jadi meroyan balik. Akak told me that I shouldn't getting involved with guys anymore because i always ended up jadi meroyan. And god I really hope that I can know that you're missing me back or not. if I know you do, boleh sikit kurang rasa sakit ni. my daily routine is only being with you, and now I have to get to used not being with you anymore. I know I shouldn't write this, but I really want to know that, don't you miss me? I just want to know that.

and I missing KLCC too. cause that's the place we used to go.

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