3:43:00 AM

I'm really thankful that my friendship with my old best friend getting stronger day by day. And also thankful that me and my classmate getting closer. 

My old friends that I told yg ignore me as fuck tuh, they keep ignore me until now. Well that's fuck up. I don't need them pun, I mean I still appreciate that they used to help me when I'm in a trouble, really appreciate them and I can't ever repay their kindness. I'm seriously tho, what did I ever do wrong? That they completely ignore me as fuck ni. 
But yeah, soon or later I need to fucking move on from them. Knowing that my birthday is around the coner, which is tomorrow 22/4. They still ignore me ni. if all of this is a fucking prank. Swear to god, I'm still gonna make distance from them. It's not even funny to prank a person almost fucking 3 week sial haha. I need to find my new people ni, Allah tunjuk aku finally what kind of friend are you guys. And I'm still avoiding them ni, elak dari lepak and all stuff. Bcs I hurt so damn hard ni until I don't have guts to face them. makes me more flammable hahahah. Yahh, I don't give a fuck. I've became heartless as fuck ni. Thank god. Thank you whoever that stay beside me until now. love you guys.

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