What we used to be

4:15:00 AM

I miss how our live used to be. OMG I'm being so fucking emotional right now and its almost 4 am.
Do you remember how much time that we spend together like almost every nights and days for the 2 months.

I miss spending time with you guys. Karoake, drinking, clubbing haha. Fuck, I even missing being clingy with you guys. I miss our Dumcak group, remembering that time I was so upset with the Niners group bcs of this one bitch stole my crown in the group. I'm the queen of the group okay!
They create Dumcak for clubbing only. But rasa mcm family dah since everyone treat me so fucking nice. And when im upset bout my replacement in the Niners group, Iwan annouced, I'm the queen of Dumcak. Until one day, I've been kick out from the group without any reason.
I even remembered, this one day nak pergi jumpa that guy yang messing up with my life. Everyone was making excuses to teman me and I'm decided to go with Adiana and Yana. But Epul muncul, he came from Bukit Jalil to Shah Alam to teman me meet this guy. And Ashli shown up, and then Ibnu shown up. Ended up everyone shown up to be there for me. And everyone was comforting me.
Gosh, I miss those days we were lepak, melawak, main cards, karoake, wayang and all shit that we did. In club, we always got each other back. No one can get near me in club. They jaga me like gila babi ni.
But until one day, semua ignore me.  This asshole I called as friend in the group makes rumors bout me. Now? I have completely lost contact with my schoolmates.
What did I ever do wrong? At least you can tell me before ignore me right. But nope, they all left me. Until now, I dont even know what did I do wrong to them. They just ignore me and left.
But thank god, i'm recovering from the pain. Thanks to Ani,Adiana, Yana and my housemate and also Akak and Umi for giving me the spirits to stand on my feet back. They really hit me hard sial.
Point is, I miss them. I miss the lepak and gurau sakat each other.
I miss my EX friends.

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