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My post lately are about years. Why? Because it where it all started.
2009, I met this girl named Aimi Husna. I was 12 years old and she's 15 years old. She prefer to called her Unaa/Yunaa.
We were close as our parents were doing a business at the same venue. We started to hang around each and every night since our parents are doing business. We started to get really close when I moved to Seri Kembangan where she stay at 2011. We went to the same school together.
She's like a sister to me. We did everything together. Mandi sungai, overnights, ponteng sekolah? Haha I have to admit we were a bit nakal lah orang kata zaman sekolah ni. Age doesn't even matter in our friendship even tho she's 3 years older than me.
But things changed when she's finished high school and I had to transfer to Shah Alam. We have our own path now since we grow older. How I miss spending time with her like we were in our childhood's moment. But we still contact with each other through phone, social media and we still seeing each other in our free time but not as much as we used to be. She's working now and I'm still doing my degree in Shah Alam.
Last night, I came back to Seri Kembangan after 4 months? And I think this is the very first time we met again after our last meeting which I can't remember when. I think its on 2015 when I was so depressed and I stayed a bit longer in Seri Kembangan. Hm, its been a year since the last we met. And finally last night we met again.
We went for dinner, just the two of us. We started to share stories about our life the moment I step in her car. Its so fun and I've been missing her more than ever. Tapi tak lama mana pun jumpa, about 2 hours macam tu. Yeah she got work in the morning and I have curfew. We took selfie together before she send me home. And when I post our selfie on Instagram, one of our friends knew that we missed each other so damn much and that's make my heart touch. They knew, we were very closed back in the childhood.

2 hours doesn't even enough for both of us. It's like so many things we wanna shared. I miss how we used to be back in the school life with her. I'm not gonna lie, I'm sad because I miss her.

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