12:01:00 AM

Ariana Grande lyric in Best Mistake is "break up, make up total waste of time"
I'm here are not to seeking any of sympathy. It's 2017 and I already make clear about my statement.
If you wanna stay, just stay and thank you. But if you wanna leave, just leave. Tak rugi pun, why? Because you're the who choose to leave.
It's not fair, that if you're the only one who can tolerate me and that's mean you can say anything harsh word that can broke my heart. Yeah, not hurt me, broke my fucking heart.
I thought we were happy with each other. I thought we can make it till the end. But you choose to push me away. Yes, you push me away.
I'm sorry I'm not good enough but I've try hard. I've change. But I didn't see it coming that after all this, you thought that you're just terhegeh with me. Are you saying that I didn't love you? I'm sorry if I made you felt that way. Since you've pushed me away with your harsh word, it's okay. You won't be feeling terhegeh lagi. I wish I can say thank you for all you did for me just to make me smile, but it's gonna take forever for me to write this. Anyway, thank you.

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