1:14:00 AM

2016 finally left us. I'm not gonna lie, 2016 are kinda a fucked up year for me. I went through a lot. Losing too many people in a year, can you imagine? Haha it doesn't matter, I'm doing extremely fine now. I remember talking about my genuine friendship in my second last post. Well, only now I know. People tend to leaves and they really leaves. Its not about betraying. I'm just disappointed that my friendship ruined just because of a silly things. And I kinda felt like stupid when I'm begged to save my friendship but they just walked away anyway.
2016 thought me how to stand on my own feet. Best friends never exist, but good friends does. Now, I don't even care siapa nak stay, siapa nak chaw because people gonna leave anyway. If you wanna stay, great. I really appreciate. But if you're leaving, that's fine anyway. I lost nothing. I really tired nak meroyan lagi, nak berharap, depressed lagi. Enough is enough, this year I'm gonna show them that I lost nothing but they do.
Thank you for always be there for me, Akhmal Roslan. Even in my thick and thin time, you were always there. Thank you for staying no matter what shitty things that I did in my past.

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