Akhmal Roslan

1:23:00 AM

I always thought that you will come back, tell me all you found was heartbreak and misery. But nahh, you're just enjoying your freedom and only come back and find me when your happiness is end. It's break my heart that you don't even want to find me. After all we've been through, you just let me go like that. You only made me believe that you still want me by your words. Now I know where I stand in your life. Even I don't block your number, you still not showing up in my phone. You just let it be. I hope thoughts of me haunt you every night. I hope it aches your body and chokes your heart that you forget how to breath. You used to fight for me as looked for me when I went missing. Now? Nothing. Nevermind, you only find me when you're not around your friends. This is it. The very end of our story right? Good luck on moving on.

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